Paroles When I Die de GG Allin

GG Allin
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  • Artiste: GG Allin14869
  • Chanson: When I Die
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Textes et Paroles de When I Die

When I die put that bottle in my hand
All these years on earth, it was my only friend
When you dig a hole and gonna bury me
Put that bottle of Jim Beam to rest beside me

All my life I've been living on the run
Hanging out in bars and hotel rooms annoying everyone
Living on the road running from coast to coast
Spending many nights in jail, like a gunman at his post

When I die, you don't have to cry
You don't have to feel no feelings inside

Never cared or had no feelings for no one
The only one I cared for was the one who made me cum
Live my life like a loner on the trail
Some of the nights in jail, I couldn't afford no bail

No one to call, no one to see me through
So I bought a gun one day and I came gunning after you
Living on the road, playing scumfuc rock 'n' roll
I'm on the road and I haven't got no home

Never lived nowhere long enough to call home
I'm just an outlaw scumfuc, playing my rock 'n' roll

Never had nothing that could keep me satisfied
'Cept my booze and my drugs and that woman by my side
She was no woman, but she's good enough for me
She's got that cunt between her legs and that's all I need

So when I die put that bottle by my side
Bury me with ol' Jim Beam and I'll be on my hell ride
When I die, when I die
Down to Hell is my final destination

When I die put that bottle by my side
It's the only friend I had in life and it kept me satisfied
Living on the run you'll never take me out alive
I bought a gun, I'm leaving now

Bye-bye, bye-bye

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