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Ghost Runner On Third
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  • Chanson: H
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Textes et Paroles de H

Holding on to yesterday
It was the last time I'd see your face
The sun lit up the sky as we walked down the beach
You taught me how to love as you smiled at me
Trading all our stories from each others past
And all the little things that made you laugh
I played back the words that you said to me
I'll be with you forever
Cause that's what love means

So why did you have to leave me broken
When I have only spent one moment with you

I tried to do all that was within me
Throw away needles and beg you, please
Go get some help becuase it's killing me
That look on your face told me everything
As the blood dripped from your arm I fell to my knees
Holding your cold hand I wiped my eyes
Hoping my tears would bring you back to life

Why did you go back on all that you said
I love you forever that's what you said
How can you love me if you are dead
Slit my wrists open I'm better off dead

So why did you have to leave me broken
When I have only spent one moment with you

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