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Ghoti Hook
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  • Chanson: Estevan
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Textes et Paroles de Estevan

Once there was a time when I was too naive
But that was all changed when you set your eyes on me
You claimed you were a friend a harmless little touch
But then my life shattered when that touch was too much

I don't know when I will start to feel again
The heart inside of me in pain
Oh my memories they burn slowly in my mind
It's burning what i have away

I wrestle with my thoughts becoming more defiled
For now there is a hate where love used to reside
Now I cannot find the strength to life my head
Where there once was honor lies deprivatiy instead


One day it will shine again
This cloud will be no longer
When that day comes I'll know why
Because I've been made stronger

I'm facing whats ahead by what is in my past
A terrible chapter for the writer to have grasped
The trials that seem so hard are hard to comprehend
I face my life keeping a one eye on the end

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