Paroles Medication de Ghoulspoon

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  • Artiste: Ghoulspoon14971
  • Chanson: Medication
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Textes et Paroles de Medication

The drugs that we take
The love that we crave
These are all forms of

The god that we heed
The laws that we need
These are all forms of

Can you slip into a state of mind at will?
If you could you would never need that pill
My words are empty it matters what you do
The sky is open and I become you

The pigs we become
The further we run
These are all forms of medication

The children we raise
The time that we waste
These are all forms of

If we can inject the cure for pain
We all do it
If we can extend beyond the frame
We all do it
If we can try to pass the blame
We all do it
But I can't hide the shame


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