Paroles When We Make Love de Ginuwine

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  • Artiste: Ginuwine2615
  • Chanson: When We Make Love
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Textes et Paroles de When We Make Love

(Listen Baby)...

[Verse 1]
You are satisfaction
I'll guarantee
Seeing your reaction
Girl that matters to me
Whatever you want me to do
girl I'll do
Let me give you love
while we make the sounds that lovers do

When we make love you go (aww, aww, aww)
and I'll go
(ohh, ohh)
and thats what it sounds like
when we make love

[Verse 2]
(Listen baby)...
All night you can call me
and moans like a song to me
All night I could watch ya
your body's so perfect to me
I'm gonna take you there
nice and slow
while we make the sounds of (awww)
and oh, ohh

When we make love you go (aww, aww, aww)
and I'll go
(ohh, ohh)
and thats what it sounds like
when we make love

cries and the moans
the lay with your body no
the ooh's and the ahh's
means exceptional
screaming a loud
stretch to see you go
this is what it sounds like
when we make love

When we make love you go
and I'll go
and that's what it sounds like when we make love

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