Paroles Nothing But Hate de Gloomy Grim

Gloomy Grim
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  • Artiste: Gloomy Grim9552
  • Chanson: Nothing But Hate
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Textes et Paroles de Nothing But Hate

Take a trip to the world of unseen
Smash the image which you have always obeyed

Kill your idols, rape the daughters of the innocent
Feel nothing, hear nothing, nothing, but hate

Raise below your inner self
the things you should never do
are now taking their place
in your hateful mind

Look at the mirror
what do you see?
Is it you of only
shadow of human being?

What you have done
to fulfill your mission?
Your life is gone
and will never come back

It took so long to understand
that those sacrifices made
were made for nothing

Feel the shame,
as you hate yourself
Be the kind of person
you never want to meet

You can touch the abomination
as you go deeper and deeper
Now you can feel something
This is better than nothing

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