Paroles Anything For Love de Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot
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  • Artiste: Gordon Lightfoot15506
  • Chanson: Anything For Love
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Textes et Paroles de Anything For Love

In my life
In my time and in each line I've ever sung
And in my life
Was it my imagination or are you still the one
Who lingers on
I'd do anything for you
You'd do anything for me
We'd do anything for love
Oh you'd use any means
And I would try any scheme for love
We'd do anything for love

Once or twice
In my loneliness I watched the world go by
There was I
One too many miles beyond where you might say
Some luck was due, after all

We could have touched the sky
You had no alibi because
We'd do anything for love
Oh I would try any means
To have you in all my dreams because
You'd do anything for love

Not long ago as I rememeber
Once upon a dark and windy day
When love looked like a dying ember
Before you came to call
The beauty of it all I though I'd lost and yet

Cause in my life
Here in my mind in it now shines
A guiding light
Never again will I lose my way
Oh I would not tell a lie and
You had no alibi because
We'd do anything for love
Oh You'd use any means
And I would try any scheme for love
Simply anything for love
Oh I would do anything
Just about anything because
We'd do anything for love
Anything for love

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