Paroles A Lesson In Love de Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot
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  • Chanson: A Lesson In Love
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Textes et Paroles de A Lesson In Love

Nothing is for certain
That's what the showman said
First you must open the curtain
And stand'em on their heads
There can be no inhibitions
No prima donna ways
If you want to pass the audition
And times is tough these days
Remember when Mr. Barnum
Presented Jenny Lind
They named a candy after her
A circus after him
End of my story
The rest is history
She in all of her glory
He lived quietly
He needed her, she needed him
As sure as the sky above
In a way it was for them
A lesson in love
A lesson in love

You look like the moonglow
That follows me home
Always makes me turn around
Won't leave me alone
First to come are the midgets
A monkey and a kid
Followed by those two one-armed jugglers
The ego and the id

Songs of the season
Apples of the sun
There is no rhyme or reason
Just a time for each and every one
Hang on Mr. Barnum
Hang on Jenny Lind
We will meet you in streets of gold
Where eternity begins
We will let it all hangout
Go hand in glove
Life was meant to live and learn
A lesson in love
A lesson in love

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