Paroles Rocking Horse de Gov't Mule

Gov't Mule
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  • Artiste: Gov't Mule18932
  • Chanson: Rocking Horse
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Textes et Paroles de Rocking Horse

my gaurdian angel wears a hard hat
said the boy with the microphone
else, I wouldn't be standing here today
ever since I was a young a boy
I couldn't leave well enough alone
always trouble standing in my way

up, down, anywhere but in the middle
off the wagon, under the wheel again
all or nothing - never could do just a little
never could leave it alone

hard living be the death of me
lead me to an early grave
to die in the saddle must be my destiny
but to ride this rocking horse I must be crazed

good clean fun is just my imagination
down and dirty that's the way the game is played
this hard life has caused me aggravation
never could leave it alone

got to ride that rocking horse

can't leave it alone
got to ride that rocking horse

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