Paroles Walk Like A Man de Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk Railroad
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  • Artiste: Grand Funk Railroad15623
  • Chanson: Walk Like A Man
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Textes et Paroles de Walk Like A Man

Walk like a man, and talk like a man.
Walk like a man, hey baby, you can call me your man.

A little girl asked me what am I gonna' do,
When I get old and blue and worn clear through?
And I say by that time I ought to be in my prime,
I'm gonna' strut like a cock until I'm ninety-nine.

I'm gonna' ...

Sometimes I feel it's gettin' late.
In life -- all that settlin' down can wait,
'Till my routine days all seem the same.
Right now, I've got to get on out, I've got to make my day.

I'm gonna' ...


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