Paroles Mockingbird de Grant Lee Buffalo

Grant Lee Buffalo
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  • Artiste: Grant Lee Buffalo15653
  • Chanson: Mockingbird
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Textes et Paroles de Mockingbird

Devastation at last
Finally we meet
After all of these years
Out here on the street
I had a feeling you would
Make yourself known
You came along
Just to claim your place on the throne
And I have been overthrown, overthrown

I thought if I towed the right line...
But these Mockingbirds
Won't let me shine

Devastation my door
Was left open wide
You brought me into your heart
Then you swallowed my pride
I had a feeling you were
Hiding your thoughts
I made a note to myself
I nearly forgot
Now I am overwrought
I'm overwrought

And I thought if I towed the right line
But these Mockingbirds
Won't let me shine

One day
This ground will break
And open up for me
I hope it will
I hope it will

Salutations at last
Down on my knees
I heard the bugle this morn
Blast Reveille
Woke from a dream
Where I was in a terrible realm
All my sails were ablaze
I was chained to the helm
And now I am overwhelmed
I'm overwhelmed

And I thought if I towed the right line
But these Mockingbirds
Won't let me shine
(Repeat till fade)

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