Paroles From The Heart Of Me de Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead
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  • Artiste: Grateful Dead15675
  • Chanson: From The Heart Of Me
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Textes et Paroles de From The Heart Of Me

Voices slide down off the mountain, sunlight turning red
Falls on the earth and it spreads
Even the families lower their heads as they ride

Age old faces of the mountains looming naturally
I wonder if they're looking at me, their monumental eyes I can feel

In the glow of the twilight the thought of home
Reminds me now I'm reaching out to you
Anything I can do to be safe and warm in your arms

All I have from the heart of you

I'd meet you anywhere in the country or anywhere on the sea
All over the world it could be I would follow you with the heart of me

Remembering you hold me tight in tomorrow morning's light I will fine you

When I awoke the stars were out and shining, shining for you and me
All I ever wanna be is save and warm in your arms
All I have, from the heart of me

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