Paroles Awakening de Grave

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  • Artiste: Grave9657
  • Chanson: Awakening
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Textes et Paroles de Awakening

Got to find my way back to life
And get away from the decieving light
False promises, the word of god is broken
True believer, now forsaken

No angels I've seen
Only lies and deceat

Born and raised with "behold the glory"
And I never questioned their stories
Now at last I have finally woken
From this sleep of holy persistence

So I close the book of Lies
And I see with newborn eyes
The children of the night

Rage flows inside of me
Mind and soul is finally free

"holy father thou who art in heaven"
You feed my Hatred, you feed my Vengeance

Mind and soul is finally free
All I sacrificed was lies and deceat
So I Burn the book of lies
And I laugh at the Crucified

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