Paroles Immortal Bloodline de Graveland

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  • Artiste: Graveland9665
  • Chanson: Immortal Bloodline
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Textes et Paroles de Immortal Bloodline

Waiting with hope
The earth blooms again
Fields alive and green
Flowered carpets cover
Bodies turned to dust

I have witnessed my brothers
Give their lives fighting in battle
Faithful till the last breath
Death embraces them in glory

Today the Earth's skin
Blankets what was blood and ash
And only trees rustled by wind
Pay homage to the fallen

I will protect this land
As I was taught
My forefather's wisdom
Death can never erase

Power lurks within our instincts
Bravery encoded in blood
Unbroken power of a White hand
Holds the banner of a Fatherland

A cowards life leads to death
Respect of death leads to life
If you are weak in life - you will die
If you embrace war - you will live

Envision our spirit reborn
The summer of a White warrior returning
Rays from the sun
Illuminate his path of victory

Swords and banners held high
Clutched strong by the White hand
Our lineage returns to our meadow for rebirth
Towards the path leading to Valhalla

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