Paroles Sun Wind de Graveland

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  • Artiste: Graveland9665
  • Chanson: Sun Wind
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Textes et Paroles de Sun Wind

The fire is lifting its arms
To consume the galaxies
The time melted by fire
The end and the beginning
Consumed by the nothingness
The children of the gods
Finished their last battle
Everything they knew
Put on the altar of war and destruction
The end
The place where all the roads lead
Guarded by the magical gates
Protected by the fiery dragons
The gods hidden behind them
Fell into an eternal sleep
Nor the light, nor the darkness
Are able to awaken them
The time did not heal the wounds
Sunny winds fan the fire
In the atomic dust
No one asked the questions
A magic that was to give a life
Words that were to tell the truth
And only children of the sun
Harnessed their gold chariots
And glided through the abyss
Carried by the sunny wind
And the deep darkness fell
And the night
Covered the lost lands
Where the trees will never bloom again
The key to the truth is broken
The fields will never be green again
The poison fills the coans and the rivers
The dreams will never come true
When the fiery dragon comes
To consume the galaxies
The holy fire will consume the time
The end and the beginning will be erased

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