Paroles Darque Tan de Gravy Train!!!!

Gravy Train!!!!
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  • Artiste: Gravy Train!!!!8528
  • Chanson: Darque Tan
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Textes et Paroles de Darque Tan

His life was a breeze Just one thing left to appease Wanna give that bottle a squeeze and look just like Charlize? But these times are so hard Must do more than lay in the yard To look like a Belize postcard or a reality star But this story's tragic You don't turn orange by magic You could do it solar like Rick or stick your ass in a thick tank full of darque waves cuz it's the latest craze Do it for forty days, get accused of wearing blackface-oh! DARQUE TAN, HE'S A FAN! DARQUE TAN, NO MORE WAN!! DARQUE TAN, ITS HIS PLAN!!! DARQUE TAN, CHILDREN RAN!!!! I knew it was a bad idea when he got into that bed I never knew it would come to this 'til he looked at me and said I wanna get a tan! Uh-uh!! I wanna get a tan!! Bad idea!!! I wanna get a tan!!! I don't think so!!!! I wanna get a tan!!!! TOO SCARY!!!! (Repeat chorus) And now he's dead, I'll never see him again He turned orange, then red No one wins in the end Then he died, his face was fried In the booth all that's left is a tooth He turned red, then he turned dead Listen and learn...or you, too, will be burned

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