Paroles Insane de Grimskunk

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  • Artiste: Grimskunk1953
  • Chanson: Insane
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Textes et Paroles de Insane

Throw me in a cell
And chain me to the wall
Make me scream but
Ignore my fuckin call
Pain in my head from
the vice-grips on my balls
I can't escape
There's a gunman in the hall

I'm insane, I'm insane
I think I lost my mind
I'm insane, I'm insane
I've just got to do unwind
I'm insane, I'm insane
No telling what I'll do
I'm insane, I'm insane
Use my brain for stew

Use 10 000 volts
to jump-start my brain
It doesn't work
So do it again and again
Would they do this
to a man named John Wayne
No they wouldn't
But he was insane

I'm insane, I'm insane
My brain doesn't work
I'm insane, I'm insane
I feel like a jerk
I'm insane, I'm insane
I'm living in the dark
I'm insane, I'm insane
Let's go kill in the park

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