Paroles Ramona de Guster

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  • Artiste: Guster7826
  • Chanson: Ramona
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Textes et Paroles de Ramona

Ramona, where have you been?
I couldn't go to sleep till you came in
Ramona, you're Miss Oklahoma
and you miss Oklahoma
I'll get you what you want
There were days when a refrain
Would brighten our corner of Hickory Lane
When you would sing that song for me
Just like your favorite singer
Why'd you have to be so nice?
A wink and a girlish smile
And why'd you have to punch my eye?
That was something
but I still want you to stay
When I was younger and thought of myself
I never dreamed I'd become like this
A snap of your fingers,
and end to the arguments
Anything for you, love
There were days when a refrain
Would brighten our corner of Hickory Lane
When you would sing that song for me
The only one you know
But I know now, not at the start,
We're going to pieces, we're falling apart
So won't you sing that song for me
just like your favorite singer?

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