Paroles Together de H and Claire

H and Claire
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  • Artiste: H and Claire16151
  • Chanson: Together
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Textes et Paroles de Together

There's a world

Looking back
Now all I see
Are nights apart
Feeling incomplete

Day by day
So deep inside
Through the darkness
I can see a light

When dreams are fading
When all hope is gone
Whenever you need me
I'll help you be strong

Oh together
We have more of a chance
To make things better
We have the power to change
Now all the wrong we've done
Don't feel we've just begun
Now we're together
As one

As one

So here we are
Standing tall
We can make it
We can have it all
Trust in me
Like I trust in you
We found the answer, we found the truth

Do what we believe in
And where we belong
We're here for each other
United as one


As one

The future is clear
When I look in your eyes
Now nothing's between us
Let's reach for the sky

(chorus x 2)

Now we're together
As one

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