Paroles Day I Die de H-Town

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  • Artiste: H-Town11098
  • Chanson: Day I Die
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Textes et Paroles de Day I Die

This is how I feel on that ending day of my life yet I am not afraid so I want you to enjoy my eternal vision
[Verse 1]
16 chariots I'm the one that carries me away filled with the people that I love while death embails me away 6 paul barers burnin' in a suit white in gloves on the hands to salute 7 ministers to pray me a prayer for the ones Ive treated unfair mama dear by my side while I go to the grave the one to come and say that I gave this will be fine on that day on that day that I die
I want the dickon on that day I want my mama to love and say I want my mama to stand right by my side while I take that heavenly ride I want Dino, Shazam, GI and be by by my side while I go to the grave I want the little ones to stand beside me I want every one to know that Im gon be fine one that day I die
[Verse 2]
I pray to be ready that day I pray that God take my soul away hold me in his bousom all night long hold me tight hold me tight for eternity I also pray when I leave they take also care of my family ,my little daugter, my children that's all I needed to know will they do it for me the day that I die
I say I like to know I say I say I say I like to know he will save my soul he will make me grow on day I leave this world and I want to know I say I like to know that day that I die

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