Paroles F.A.T.E. de Hanker

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  • Artiste: Hanker7268
  • Chanson: F.A.T.E.
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Textes et Paroles de F.A.T.E.

[Faithful attachment to the earth]

There's no tomorrow, my fate she told me
She took with her my chance to live
And now, she wants to take my soul
She wants to take my soul

Too much sorrow, my fate she told me
She just stole my chance to give
Will she possess my soul?
Why have I got to go, tell me
Where do I need to go?

Like a flying arrow, I'm swaying in the wind
And I don't even know where I am going
Maybe I'll strike the tree that'll save me with its sap
The sap of life...

I see a rainbow, is my mind fading?
And I don't know if I'm still lucid
She begs me for my soul, where have I got to go?
Won't you tell me,
Why have I got to go so helplessly?

They are tellin' me lies
'Cause I know I'm gonna die
Forget about my pain
And not going insane

Suddenly I am flying as a bird
I'm seeing all the events of my life
I feel an attraction, they want me to stay
Sorry! It's time for me to go anyway
There is my way

There's no tomorrow, my fate she told me
She took with her my last chance to live
Yet she didn't take my soul,
Now I can see you all...

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