Paroles Moonlite Dance de Hanoi Rocks

Hanoi Rocks
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  • Artiste: Hanoi Rocks16362
  • Chanson: Moonlite Dance
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Textes et Paroles de Moonlite Dance

Drop off your load and come with me
We're gonna do the moonlite dance
We'll dance all night across wide open fields
'Til we fall into a trance
Don't ask me why
It's a secret of mind
No one knows the secret of this groovy
Moonlite dance

We surf all night on cosmic brainwaves
Throughout the universe
Falling inwards in slow motion
Forward in reverse
Don't ask me why
You get your soul satisfied
Take this chance and take your stance
Let's do the moonlite dance

Step by step we do the dance
'Til the moon begins to wane
We get dressed and feel obsessed to
Do it over again
Come back again
When the full moon glows again
We'll dance until the cows come home
To the brand new moonlite dance

Moody moonlite
Groovy moonlite dance

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