Paroles Everything de Hardline

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  • Artiste: Hardline7992
  • Chanson: Everything
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Textes et Paroles de Everything

Well we've come this far, it should last forever
Something here so strong, it's holding us together
Everything I do, well I do for you
I didn't mean to let you down
And if I lose control somehow you'll always know
That I'll come back around

I've got this feeling, I can't shake it, alright
Hey baby, hey baby
Can't let you walk away

Cause you're everything I want
You've got everything I need
I can't get over you
No matter what I do
You're everything to me

Like a shot to my heart, girl you keep me going
Everything you touch, girl you give so much
My love is overflowing

I've got this fever, I can't break it, alright
Hey baby, hey baby
Now don't you walk away


There's a message in your eyes
That keeps telling me you're mine
I know you want to stay, can't let you slip away
You're everything... yeah, oh yes you are

You've got this hold on me, it's stronger every day
You're the heart that beats in me, can't let you walk away

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