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Harry And The Potters
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  • Chanson: The Godfather
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Textes et Paroles de The Godfather

Dumbledore said that we're the only ones
That can save Sirius Black
From his horrible fate
Dementors will eat his soul
He's gonna get the Dementor's Kiss
We've got save Sirius Black
From something worse than death

But how can we do it?
When our teacher is a werewolf on the loose?
How can we do it?
When Professor Lupin can bite everyone in sight?
How can we do it?
We don't have a time machine.
How can we do it?

Bet you have an hour glass
Got to use that hour glass
To go back to the past
To save a hippogriff
So Sirius Black can live

I saved Sirius Black, Hermione, and me with a patronus
It was as big as could be
I didn't think I could do it
I thought I'd die
Why do I always think that I am going to die?

Dumbledore said that we're the only ones
That can save Sirius Black
And we did.

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