Paroles Dishonesty de Hate Squad

Hate Squad
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  • Artiste: Hate Squad9926
  • Chanson: Dishonesty
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Textes et Paroles de Dishonesty

Once the time will come
To be true to myself - Not to lie
Confess all mistakes
And the fact that I've not reached all aims

Dud - is what I am
Lost my aims cause I was always fair

Dishonesty is real
But that is not my deal

Missed not one chance
To help others on their way through their life
Better watch myself
Have my own problems dude, my own life

Dud - not anymore
I will start a new life - that's for sure

Dishonesty is real
And now this is my deal

I confess my mistakes
Now I will try to reach all my aims

I always wanted
Always helped - I always helped but no one cared for me
So finally I began to see
Honesty will bring you to your knees
So I will never trust no one but me

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