Paroles Tourniquet de Headswim

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  • Artiste: Headswim16710
  • Chanson: Tourniquet
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Textes et Paroles de Tourniquet

Life come undone
Mortal coil sprug
Lifted your drifted
Welcoming sun
Some days I feel brave
Riding the air waves
Locked in this room
Give me some room
Scratching the pavement
Grazed knees and broken nails
Some small tokens of how life goes by

I'd love to see you try
I won't steal your pain
Just tighten the touniquet

You're losing the feeling
I'm counting the hours
The beauty in dead flowers
Heart that keeps you warm

The things you don't think about
Like why we feel so old
Eyes like pissholes in the snow
Wanting to leave
All your life you stayed in tune
Singing songs for the doomed
It's always lonely being free
Never what you wanted to be

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