Paroles Cross Country Skiing de Heidecker & Wood

Heidecker & Wood
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  • Artiste: Heidecker & Wood55028
  • Chanson: Cross Country Skiing
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Textes et Paroles de Cross Country Skiing

Winter has come early
And the snow is freshly laid
The children are asleep
And so I must be on my way
Many miles ahead of me
Many miles to go
Cannot look a turn away from the calling of the snow

We're going cross country skiing
Skiing across the land
Cross country Skiing
Where the river meets the land

Sun is on my pillow
But I'm not in the bed
I'm out in the country snow
With a ski cap on my head
Coffee in my belly will surely keep me warm
A mountain lunch packed in my sack
With raisin, nuts, and corn

We're going cross country skiing
Skiing across the land
Cross country skiing
Where the river meets the land

Up ahead is Dundee's barn
Surrounded by the pines
Skis behind me bound for making perfect snowy lines
For a change I leave the pack
Forge a road anew
Wondering if the rumors of the hills ahead are true

We're going cross country skiing
Skiing across the land
Cross country skiing
Watch out those hills are coming fast
Sliding down the hillside
These skis weren't made for this
To fly, boy from now on
Let the river be your guide

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