Paroles Why Am I? de Heideroosjes

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  • Artiste: Heideroosjes4984
  • Chanson: Why Am I?
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Textes et Paroles de Why Am I?

Intense aggressions, I'm burning inside
Want to speak out my emotions, end up my fight
I know I can't put them away any longer
My sense says no but my emotions are stronger

Why am I? Who am I? I will try, what I try
You will die, just as I
Why am I?

An explosion of my pent up rage
Have to release it, I need disengage
My days are black, cold and all the same
Everything is wrong but who is to blame?

Hate, pain, destruction is all I see
Too many things with which I don't agree
I could turn my head off and look the other way
I wish I could but that's not the real me

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