Paroles Chainsaw de Hellhammer

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  • Artiste: Hellhammer9999
  • Chanson: Chainsaw
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Textes et Paroles de Chainsaw

You feel the red-hot blood right in ya brain
Bestial pain, horrible shocks, you're caught insane
Sharp saw blades cut out deep their way
Dying fast, that's what ya called your last prayer
Incredible speed and endless noise the thing produces
A satanic maniac with a chainsaw devilishly introduces


Ya fuckin' bastard haven't thought of hell
The final judgement, it waits, there's only your guts to sell
Cut to pieces with that mayhemic thing here
Mutilated and maimed, no, now it's too late for fear
Grave hunters come out at midnight's hour tonight
Take ya bloody bones and flesh, their eyes gleam bright

Blind because of pain with limbs that bleed
There's a creature from hell, gives ya punishment ya need
Not one will ask what's happenin' to you
Cause they got too much fear from the Satan's blood
You die here with unlimited pain, my little wife
Your murderer is right from hell, slave of a devil's strike

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