Paroles It's Worth Eight Dollars de Hot Panda

Hot Panda
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  • Artiste: Hot Panda52523
  • Chanson: It's Worth Eight Dollars
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Textes et Paroles de It's Worth Eight Dollars

We go out the old-fashioned way
Matching boots, hats and a beret
Lift it from a magazine
Accessorize with the things you read
Workin' hard for lowsome wage
You haven't had a proper meal in days
Without cigarettes, beer and caffeine
It's no wonder you keep yourself so lean

Your taste on your own
Like the yard in your home
It's made by someone else

Dream of dressin' up, ships so tall
Wanderin' 'round every port of hope
They tip their caps, call you ma'am
The gentleman will always kiss your hands
'Til a city man [something in French]
Oh, I couldn't care 'bout politics
The NDP, tories, or the Brits

Your taste on your own
Like the yard in your home
It's made by someone else

Your folks pay your phone
And your dad?s on the dole
And all you do is bitch

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