Paroles Sky Warning de Human

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  • Artiste: Human7288
  • Chanson: Sky Warning
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Textes et Paroles de Sky Warning

[Olivares, Elbelman, Espinoza]

Blinded Eyes, corrupted by the power of mankind
With empty hearts, they run with the devil hand by hand
No one is ashamed but devastated forests they have left
Hear wath i'm saying:
You don't have the right to take my land!
Sky is warning the raising storm
Rain is falling, my words with blood
Adid rain, all arround this madness is so real
Smoke and fire, the world will go to take it's revenge
Sky is warning thje raising storm
Rain is falling, my words with blood
Nothing to say, damage is done it's too late
I wonder why, mankind only think of themselves
Sky is warning the raising storm
Rain is falling, my words with blood

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