Paroles Dog de Human Waste Project

Human Waste Project
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  • Chanson: Dog
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Textes et Paroles de Dog

I am ruined.
I feel nothing,
I can't remember where I begin and you end.
Your breath became mine.
My heart it beats your blood.
Two headed beast with four green eyes.
We are one mind.
Could I be like that dog caught in a trap?
Could I be like that dog?
Chews off his limbs just to feel free again.
You left me wounded but I feel nothing.
In my head your voice tells me my thoughts and my mouth speaks your words.
I only see what you want me to.
Two headed beast with four green eyes.
We are one mind.
Am I like that dog?
Left for dead and ruined.
I am like that dog.
Let me feel, let me feel again.
Just like a pretty picture I am dead on the inside.
Starving for your attention and gasping for my breath.
Tried to separate before,
Nearly bled to death.
I am wasted.
This is wasted breath.

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