Paroles Unspoken de Hurts

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  • Artiste: Hurts42582
  • Chanson: Unspoken
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Textes et Paroles de Unspoken

I think we'll never change
And our hearts will always separate.
Forget about you
I'll forget about you.
The things we never say
Are better often left alone.
Forget about you
I'll forget about this time.

But it's the same old situation
We made it through this far. Oh.
We watched the rockets kiss the sky.
I saw the flames burn out in your eyes.

Nothing that I do
Will ever be enough for you
Whatever I do, whatever I do.
Take me as I am
I'll never be the other man.
Forget about you
I'll forget about this time.

So won't you save this conversation
And find a better time? Oh, oh.
Don't you ever understand
That if it hurts I'll do whatever I can?

And if it's set in motion
I'll watch it all pass by.
And leave the rest unspoken
I'll never change my mind.

Leave it unspoken, leave it unspoken,
Leave it unspoken, leave it unspoken now. (x4)

So just let me go
I won't change my mind.
I'd rather be lonely
Than be by your side.
And nothing you say
Could save us this time.
I'd rather be lonely.

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