Paroles Misery de Hypnogaja

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  • Artiste: Hypnogaja19669
  • Chanson: Misery
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Textes et Paroles de Misery

Here I sit, all alone, in the dark
Counting the ways to tear you apart
Contemplating why you don't feel bad
I guess I wasn't the best that you had
You don't even realize I'm barely alive

Why don't you feel my pain?
Why don't you feel the same?
You should be just like me
Living in misery

As it stands, I can't stand the sight of you
But I can't look away no matter what I try to do
Smiling vicious, to hide your intentions
Unaffected by all my affections

It feels just like I'm dying inside

I gave it all and you took it away

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