Paroles Fuck Your Claim de I Declare War

I Declare War
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  • Chanson: Fuck Your Claim
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Textes et Paroles de Fuck Your Claim

I. Hate. You. You have changed. Time to pay. Lost your ways. Went astray. Broken. It's sure obvious. Did it mean anything? Your friendship won't be missed. Some fucking claim. Morals thrown away. Gone right down the drain. You fucking broke. To break is to die. There's nothing left to hide. So shallow inside. Not worth a fucking dime. Waste my time. Pay the price. With your fucking life. Sell yourself. And compromise all of your integrity. For nothing at all. Sell yourself short and compromise. So drink it up. Fill your cup. For a cause. What a loss. Forget. Everything. That I. Taught you. You fucking broke.

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