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  • Artiste: iamamiwhoami44678
  • Chanson: y
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Textes et Paroles de y

Little hope, little home of heavenly
Come and save us from this ugly truth
Little hope, sprung from necessity
May all good things in life come to you

Little ghost, so innocent and carefree
They would never stop hunting you
Little voice, life got the best of me
And in time that's what awaits you too

Little hope, sing a song of fire
I don't know how to be just like that
Little hope, sing a song of fire

Little hope, and the song is silent
With your mind, you dream of life now
Little hope, sing a song of fire

I've seen the truth and? it's nothing like you said
I've seen the picture of a perfect world
Now you can touch the air around my cover
So many questions, so many things unsaid

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