Paroles Mimmi de Idir

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  • Artiste: Idir340
  • Chanson: Mimmi
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Mimmi

ya thitiw zuzer lehna fellas
athyamghour athichvou thandass
athihèrz athissoun athiHoud athihoun
athyili gher wathmass
ghass manathgha lamlah soy fous
thafthilthik ami Labthou -r- thetnouss
thazmerthik thafoussik
akissiwedh ghar levghik
laylala layla
amimmi amimi...
atha Lfetta yre9an
athathsa af yimi
ledhhab gha fellas

ghass manathghak lamlah souu zelmaaaar
yer thit atrouh akyans agoumar
athlamlah itartha9 à yer thit-thathghara9
athar vnagh Lcharaaa
mimi mimi thassser nedounith
mimi athi meslay sta9vayliiiith
atyishnou atishthah atyarou atishvah
alaha layla

athan a ya mi
simel yetnarni
adhyurghal souguéth ikathen ouzal
ya hemlen meden athyili thargaz pawel

ayaaaaaaa agouuur (aya agour)
yasthafathik ayissrou
oula yithri (ay ithri)
arssed avrith yelhan athyawi
ouyalel lala....

mimi mimi thassser nedounith
mimi athi meslay stha9vayliiiith
atyishnou atishthah atyarou atishvah
alaha layla
amimmi amimi...
al lahrirrrr agfassan
athathsa af yimi
ledhhab gha fellas
amimmi amimi...
alaw9am agfassan
athathsa af yimi
ledhhab gha fellas

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