Paroles W.A.S. de Immortality

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  • Artiste: Immortality19878
  • Chanson: W.A.S.
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Textes et Paroles de W.A.S.

A life that once was mine now gone away
I used to be your child now I feel pain
A life lived for me I lost what I had gained
A fear that grows inside my rage is just the same
Only to save my soul but now I've gone insane

I call out to the sky
And no one answers me
When did love die
Why must I be alone
Just say goodbye

I know the stories she has told I live them day to day
I've been destroyed before but never quite this way
She struck down my soul a life led astray
Staring right into my eyes my trust she did betray
I know now what she knew and so I melt away

She left me here alone
Her heart made of stone
Tore down my world
And so and so and so I say

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