Paroles Spawned By The Fires Below de In Aeternum

In Aeternum
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  • Artiste: In Aeternum7309
  • Chanson: Spawned By The Fires Below
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Textes et Paroles de Spawned By The Fires Below

We summon thee lord of all plagues
Grandeur of the ancient depths
Engulf this world with flames of malevolence
Bring the demise of this scorched earth

We summon thee from the deep seas of hatred
We summon thee to forever reign this world in chaos

Arise ancient war
Conjure the forces from the black abyss
Arise, arise

Spawned by the fires below
Embodiment of the highest power
Ancient black forces summoned
King of all kings

Arise ancient one
Call forth your legions
Arise ancient one
Conjure the forces of the black abyss
Arise, arise

Arise ancient one
Arise ancient one

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