Paroles Oblivious de Infliction (USA)

Infliction (USA)
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  • Artiste: Infliction (USA)34025
  • Chanson: Oblivious
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Textes et Paroles de Oblivious

A grim disease of dark desires
Words being impaired by grief
Absent from sight unbearable of need
A kiss of death laced with agony
Eyes wide open and pale
A chilling contortion of evil
Cherishing the beauty we see
The obscene always deceives
Minds break the silence
Solitude with a weeping gasp
The torment delivered deep inside
Blinded by the illusions
Created by the poison flowing through the veins
Manifestation of anger inside
Where pleasure took the flesh
And pain reconciled with the appetite for agony
Fever and anguish formless addictions
A passion burning fierce in upheaval
Casting dispersions on life's brittle glass
Severing the inner child that cries out for freedom
Illucid in sight and ludicrous where slow death
Alone can't cease the unbearable sight of life
Feel the eyes of insanity
Look inside your soul
Condemned to a vivid reason for suffering
A deep mental quarrel suspended in agony
No passage for souls to cleanse the unrighteous
A call to the redeemer slain on the cross for me
The splendour of fucking death
Heaving night of lustrous torment
Sin brought forth by the nocturnal moon
A passion for evil and sin
Demons taking hold of flesh
Disembodied voices without a face
Hear them calling killer of hopes
Feel the eyes of insanity
Look inside your soul
Condemned to a vivid
Reason for suffering
A deep mental quarrel
Suspended by agony
No passage for souls
To cleanse the unrighteous
A call to the redeemer
Slain on the cross for me
The splendour of fucking death

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