Paroles Bitch I Lied de Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse
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  • Artiste: Insane Clown Posse20067
  • Chanson: Bitch I Lied
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Textes et Paroles de Bitch I Lied

Bitch, I'm here to tell you I lied, when I seen that thick-ass
it was over. Nothin' else mattered, I ain't even care.
I pulled the rubber off when I stuck it up in there too.
Bitch, I lied to you. This ain't my home. Kicked in the
back door and now we're alone.
I stole the car that I picked you up in, plus me and
your girl have been fuckin'.
Bitch, I lied. Every thing I said to you, all steps to land
in your bed with you.
My watch is fake, this ain't my coat, and I sent you
letters that my brother wrote for me.
Bitch I lied. Every time I left town, I really stayed
right here at home, dickin' hoes down.
Every penny that you helped my mom with went
straight to the Asian Spa, bitch.

Hey look, I lied and I'm happy for it.
Look how you turned out to be.
You're no prize, no prize.
Hey look, I lied and I'm happy for it.
Look how you turned out to be.
You're no prize, girl , no prize.

Bitch I lied. I didn't buy you that. I stole that, and
then I stole it back.
It ain't no Mr. Right without a Mr. Wrong, first,
and you fucked up and met Mr. Worst.
I fucked a hooker and left skeet on your backseat,
and kept on and never missed a beat.
And, bitch, I lied. My name ain't Lance. I lied
my way in and outta your pants.
I never played football for Michigan State. I lied
to your neden and it bit the bait.
I never won a medal for winnin' a back stroke
race but, bitch, I lied to your face.
I'm the mother fucker that stole your momma's
purse and watched you and daddy blame it on her.
I lied every day of our lives to your ear holes.
(You look really good when you wear those)


Bitch, I lied about so much shit...half the shit, I forget.
I tell you new lies to cover the old. I throw hot
new shit on top of the cold.
Flip the script up and talk you blind; backwards,
re-enactment, rewind.
Tangle the topic, have you blamin' you for the
fucked up shit I do.
I told you I owned a McDonald's in Thailand
(and you bought that shit, damn).
I told you that Al Pacino was my man
(and you bought that shit, damn).
I told you a whole lotta shit cuz I can
(and you bought that shit, damn).
(You're no prize, bitch. No prize).

Chorus x2

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