Paroles I Found A Body de Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse
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  • Artiste: Insane Clown Posse20067
  • Chanson: I Found A Body
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Textes et Paroles de I Found A Body

I Just want someone there somebody toagree or disagree someone to tell me what'sright or wrong, somebody to talk to, eat with,be with, somebody who cares weather I'm alive or notsomebody who knows whether I'm alive or notI was walking home through an alley waypaid no attention tripped over a legit was a dead body hit off to the sidehe looked like a crackhead, maybe twenty-fivehe looked rather lonely, both his eyes were openthrough him on my shoulder took him to the homesteadset him on my couch, cooked him pizza rollsopened up his mouth, stuffed them down his throatthen we went to Target I pushed him in the cartand people stopped and stared, they thought he was retardedI put him in some shades and sprayed him down with axewe went in the movies and just chilled and relaxedChorus:I found a body, I sure as hell could use a buddyI'm lonely, I could use a homieEver since I got out, stress has been on meI just don't wanna be alone anymoreI just wanna be around somebody, I mean anybodyI just don't wanna be aloneWe went to Clark Park, It's my favorite placeHad to shoot the birds off, picking at his faceThen we took a bike ride he rode the handle barsStopped and had some ice cream he started acting hardFirst he wasn't talking, then he wouldn't eatThen it fucking hit me, I found him in the streetHe's fucking dead, I almost forgotHe has a hole in his head he must of got shot(Chorus)I can't stand anymore lonelinessI just don't wanna be alone, fuckI took him to my mom's houseShe called him a user cuz he had my shoes onShe thinks he's a loser, he don't have a job yetGot nothing on rentPretty much everything about him is spentI got into a fist fight, two thugs jumped meHe stayed in the car chillen in the front seatCome to think about it he ain't really my friendBut whatever we got I don't want it to end cuz(Chorus)He's just selfishYou're just being selfishunappreciative that's allSelfish, What did you say to me?You're the one acting like thatI ain't the one acting like thatThat's you, that's what you're being likeDon't even talk to me anymore

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