Paroles Wicker Park de Into It. Over It.

Into It. Over It.
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  • Artiste: Into It. Over It.52723
  • Chanson: Wicker Park
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Textes et Paroles de Wicker Park

As you know me, you know I like to keep my chatting short and sweet.
It's really for the sake of who's listening.
Typically, when I'm long-winded, it's pretty lame.

But as opinions bleed out, I'll make it quick before your records wear out-
I'll raise my voice on the subject of subtle sounds
and talk your ear off to a point of ironic interest -
early '60s portraits
through antique rooms.

You say, "This could be you, Columbia aught 62, all dolled-up in a blue classic background.
And this could be me, Atlantic, aught 63, in a suit poised alone, I spin solos as stories."
But you and I could never be that lavish.
It's a point of ironic interest towards
early '60s portraits
through antique rooms.

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