Paroles Please (You Got That...) de Inxs

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  • Artiste: Inxs3116
  • Chanson: Please (You Got That...)
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Textes et Paroles de Please (You Got That...)

I've come to tell you 'bout the story I see
It made of honey but it sting like a bee
Got the message that it come from the floor
And that's the way to get yourself in trouble
You think it's easy 'cause you don't know the feeling
Make it up
Make it up like you do no wrong
Give me fever like a man blind from passion
If you got the time I'll show you how to turn it on

You got that need

She got her ways to get me down on the floor
And take me places that I never seen before
Someone told me I got to take it easy
But I'm a junkie
A junkie when the heat is on

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