Paroles Riding Through Hell de Iron Fire

Iron Fire
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  • Artiste: Iron Fire6220
  • Chanson: Riding Through Hell
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Textes et Paroles de Riding Through Hell

[Lyrics & Music by: Martin Steene]
[Feat. J.J. on Guitar]

Dragged through the mud
Hanged in the tree
Drowned in the flood
Stabbed in the knee
Kicked in the face
Burned in the night
Lost out in space
Still in the fight

Sent on a mission
On a journey through the dark
Travelling on my own
A savage in blood and bone

Cursed by the dead
Six feet below
The soil is bloody red
Where demons grow
Banished from the hill
In the underground
In for the kill
I am hell bound

Sent on a mission
On a journey through the dark
Travelling on my own
A savage in blood and bone

Riding through hell
One step closer to damnation
Riding through hell
Heading in the right direction
Riding through hell
Facing the flames of Armageddon
Riding through hell
Watch the burning sun go down

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