Paroles Lightening Strikes Twice de Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden
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  • Artiste: Iron Maiden2784
  • Chanson: Lightening Strikes Twice
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Textes et Paroles de Lightening Strikes Twice

I feel the breeze on
my face in expectance
Not very long before
the storm reaches here
Off in the distance
the lightning flashing again
Feel something strong
as the power draws near

It is the rolling of thunder
that scares you
Is it the crashing of clouds
that hold fear
But all I know as
I sit in a corner alone
It takes me back
to my childhood again

And as I wait and
I look for an answer
To all the things
going round in my head
I ask myself could it be
a disaste and when
It's maybe threatening
to happen again

As the ominous light draws near
There's a lone dog howls
in the park
All the people hurry inside
As a lightning flash lights dark
The storm is nearly here
Only God will know

You're sitting alone you watch
As the wind is blowing treetops
And the swaying rustling leaves
Plenty of time to perceive
As you wait for rain to fall
Only God knows
The whole sky glows

Maybe lightning strikes twice
Maybe lightning strikes twice

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