Paroles Fisherman de Jack Ingram

Jack Ingram
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  • Chanson: Fisherman
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Textes et Paroles de Fisherman

Old man Crow goes down to the river
He's gonna fish himself a full day's work
He's been fishing the same old pond nearly all his life
He's got his name engraved right there in the dirt

He's gonna take his catch down to market
He's gonna bring that money back home
He's putting bread on the table
He's doing his job

Old man's buddy comes down to the river
He's gonna talk himself a full day's work
He's been fishing for the love of the pond nearly all his life
He don't mind at all getting down in the dirt
His wife calls at the end of the day
His child stumbles downtown to play
He's gonna sit in the yard for awhile
He's feeling no pain

The river bed man has seen some changes
Going from paddle boats to gasoline
He don't mind at all about no dirty water
As long the sun comes up and those fish get cleaned

He don't need no millionaire's daughter
Don't need no millionaire's wife
He's got that millionaire's money
Notched in the pole of the fisherman's life

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