Paroles Work This Out de Jack Ingram

Jack Ingram
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  • Chanson: Work This Out
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Textes et Paroles de Work This Out

I really want to work this out
Is there something I've got to do
Tell me how to make this right
'Cause I've got to get through to you

If I could find the right thing to say
That would finally take away your doubt
We can't throw this away
I really want to work this out

Tell me there's one thing I can't do again
I won't do that again
That something we're missing, we'll find it again

I really want to work this out
Right here and now
Before we have to be apart
Before we make the same mistakes again

I really want to find a place
Stop wasting all this time
I guess what this is all about
Is I really want to work this out

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