Paroles Alone de Jeffrey Gaines

Jeffrey Gaines
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  • Artiste: Jeffrey Gaines20970
  • Chanson: Alone
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Textes et Paroles de Alone

There's no one to impress
No opinion that I respect
There's just nobody left
Whose ideals I with to protect
There's no waterfall or pedestal
No reason for rushing home
There is just emptiness
I truly am alone
I truly am alone
I truly am

These words go unnoticed
Affecting nothing in return
I represent no peoples
No consequence or no concern
There's no one to see me through darkness
No one to hear me moan
That's it, hell, I must confess
I truly am alone
I truly am alone
I truly am

There's no more looking forward
But please no one sing along
These words are true for always
And nowhere else do they belong
I can reach you no longer
I can't just pick up the telephone
I soon will be stronger
For I truly am alone
I truly am alone
I truly am alone
I truly am alone
I truly am alone

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