Paroles A Little Love Song de Jennifer Rafferty

Jennifer Rafferty
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  • Artiste: Jennifer Rafferty30352
  • Chanson: A Little Love Song
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Textes et Paroles de A Little Love Song

Thought you'd heard all the songs about love ever wrote.
You knew all of the words,
and you could sing to every note.
Well here's just one more
a little broken melody.
'Cause this could never be.
'Cause I wrote it for you and me.
I wrote down all the words,
that my heart couldn't say.
I wrote down all the words,
then I threw them all away.
'Cause this is just anoter love song.
That I can't bear to sing,
'cause I wrote it for you and me.
So this song, it could never be.
And I don't understand
the way I'm felling now.
'Cause everything, everything
reminds me of you.
And the songs I used to sing,
They just dont mean the same thing.
How could I compare a broken heart, to say a summers day?
There is just no way.
Thought I'd heard all the songs
about love, ever wrote.
I knew all of the words, and I could sing to every note.
Well I wrote one more,
a little broken melody.
It's the last one that I will sing.
I will sing, 'cause without you,
love songs, they just wouldn't mean a thing

(Thanks to Tonya for these lyrics)

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